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No. 1

Our work comes with a 25-year guarantee

We don’t stop at performing our work. With our 25-year guarantee – which is more than what the industry standards offer – you can rest assured knowing you can always count on us to answer any question you might have or that we can complete necessary repairs to give you peace of mind. We provide you with written proof of our guarantee, a testament to our commitment.

Our goal is to make sure your home and surrounding premises are kept in their original condition and that our work has little to no impact on your day-to-day life.

No. 2

Our roofing contractors are renowned professionals

Our roofing contractors are nothing like the reputation that precedes them. They’re hard at work, they treat their customers with the utmost respect, and they’re conscientious about the environment.

At Green Tech Roofing, we do things differently.

Our professionalism shines through the unique approach and values we share:

Looking the part: Every member of our team, from the salesperson to the roofer, is careful about the way they present themselves. We believe that looking the part is as important as getting the job done right.

Respect: Our crew will maintain a respectful attitude towards you, your property and your land.

Reliability: We do what’s expected of us, and we stay true to our word.

Staff: Our staff abides by strict professional standards, which means our work is done with the same methodology and with the same concern for quality.

Trust: We choose our roofing experts carefully. Our workers can be trusted 100% in and around your property.

No. 3

Our company has the proper insurance

Green Tech Roofing holds a $5,000,000 Liability Insurance and WorkSafeBC Coverage.

No. 4

Things to consider when hiring a roofing contractor

Roofing contractors are different from one another. That is why it is essential to look for the skills and traits that inspire trust when choosing a roofing contractor. Here is some insightful advice to follow from The Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia (RCABC).

Look for a permanent address, telephone number, tax ID number and business license.

Liability insurance 
Don’t be shy to ask a potential roofing contractor to show you their insurance coverage and workers compensation certificates.

Proven track record
One way to narrow down your search for a roofing contractor is to ask them to provide you with references and to call them. You’ll get the answers you need to decide.

See what kind of permits or bonds the contractor holds.

Proposal in writing
It is justifiable to ask for the description of the work, specifications, procedures and completion dates to be included in the written proposal.

Check to see if they are part of regional or national industry associations.

Accreditation score
Ask the Better Business Bureau to confirm the contractor’s accreditation score.

Quality assurance procedure
See if you can get the name and experience of the person in charge of supervising the roofing projects.

Go through the exclusion clauses to get a good understanding of the roofing warranty that’s being offered.

Trust your instincts
If something seems off, you’re better off looking for another roofing contractor. Lowest bids don’t always rhyme with quality.

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